What You Need to Know About Colorado Domestic Violence Laws

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Being charged with domestic violence can turn your life upside down. Our attorney at Iyer Law Office in Denver will tell you what you need to know about Colorado domestic violence laws. Let’s look at how Colorado law responds to domestic violence. Colorado law (C.R.S. 18-6-800.3(1)) defines domestic violence as an act or threatened act of violence upon a person … Read More

Colorado DUI & DWAI Laws Fines & Penalties

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If you enjoy having drinks while out with friends and typically drive yourself home, you should be aware of the Colorado DUI & DWAI laws, fines, & penalties. And if you are ever charged with a DUI or DWAI charge, our attorney V Iyer at the Iyer Law Office in Denver can explain what charges, penalties and even jail time … Read More

What Does the Office of the Child Protection Ombudsman do in Colorado?

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Are you wondering what does the Office of the Child Protection Ombudsman do in Colorado? It’s important to know because the goal of the Office is to help children and their families who have complaints, and improve Colorado’s complicated child protection system. The Iyer Law Office in Denver explains the Ombudsman’s office is an independent, 12-member, nonpartisan board that oversees … Read More

How Long Does Someone Stay on the Sex Offender Registry?

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A sex offender must register with the state, but how long does someone stay on the sex offender registry? In many states, people can never get off, even it was a nonviolent offense committed many years ago. Most states’ sex offender registries can be accessed from online resources or websites and include mug shots, home addresses, and the vehicles of … Read More

What is Juvenile Delinquency?

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Many of us, as children, make bad decisions. Some of those bad decisions end up with a criminal charge. When a child enters the criminal justice system, he or she is often referred to as a juvenile delinquent. The website Criminal Findlaw (http://criminal.findlaw.com/juvenile-justice/juvenile-delinquents.html) explains juvenile delinquents as minors, usually between the ages of 10 and 18, who have committed some act … Read More

Know Colorado’s Laws and Statutes Related to DUI

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If you’ve gotten a driving under the influence (DUI) charge or a driving while ability impaired (DWAI), Iyer Law Office in Denver wants you to know Colorado’s laws and statutes related to DUI. Once you know Colorado’s laws and statutes related to DUI, you can understand the evidence, procedure, and consequences you will be facing. The better you know Colorado’s … Read More

Statistical Information about Domestic Violence in Colorado

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It’s important to collect and report statistical information about domestic violence in Colorado. Examining the statistical information about domestic violence in Colorado is a good way to determine if the problem is increasing. Without statistical information about domestic violence in Colorado, the problem may stay hidden. According to the  National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCANV), who reports statistical information about … Read More

Hiring the Right Criminal Attorney

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If you find yourself facing criminal charges, hiring the right criminal attorney becomes critical. At the Iyer Law Office in Denver, we know that hiring the right criminal attorney can mean the difference between winning or losing your case. Your lawyer will be your advisor as you go through the criminal process,your advocate dealing with the prosecutor, and your defender … Read More

Traffic Accident Lawyer

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Whether it was your fault or not, if you were you in a car accident but left the scene, you could be facing criminal charges. You will need a traffic accident lawyer immediately.Hit and Run Driving is a serious offense that involves leaving the scene of an accident without first stopping and identifying oneself to the other driver or drivers. It is, … Read More

Sex Offense Attorney

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If you or someone you know is charged with a sex crime, you need to take immediate action. Don’t mess around. You need to get an attorney right now! A sex crime charge can affect your whole life. You need to get a good attorney to help you protect your rights and defend against this charge. The sooner, the better. His … Read More