Denver Sex Crime Defense Attorney / Englewood, Denver

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At the Iyer Law Office in Denver we see many clients charged with different sex crime charges each year, each unique in terms of situation and cause. While each lawsuit is unique and requires individual attention, there are certain charges that require a Denver sex crime attorney due to the seriousness of the charge. These different sex crime charges include … Read More

Juvenile Crime Attorney Denver, Iyer Law Office 303-337-0473

V IyerCriminal Defense Lawyer, Juvenile Crimes Defense Attorney

Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer is crucial to providing the best defense for the juvenile offender.When a juvenile crime is reported, parents are contacted, and a hearing is scheduled. After the case is judged worthy of prosecution, a court date is set. Depending on the type of the crime along with other factors, the juvenile can be detained or released … Read More

Charged With A Crime In Denver? You Need A Professional Attorney.

V IyerCriminal Defense Attorney, Criminal Defense Lawyer

The criminal codes here in Colorado include laws for all kind of criminal offenses. It also outlines the criminal procedures that need to be followed for a particular criminal matter.  It defines the legal rules for criminal conduct and defines the punishment for the same.  It is within these details, rules or laws that a person’s liberty and rights can … Read More