Next Steps If You’re Accused of Domestic Violence in Colorado

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Next Steps If You’re Accused of Domestic Violence in ColoradoYou need Attorney Vee Iyer with the Iyer Law Office in Denver to discuss the next steps if you’re accused of domestic violence in Colorado. False allegations of domestic violence can devastate your life. Your personal relationships and your employment may be affected, no matter your innocence. You become the victim because your reputation is tainted unjustly. Even after you prove it was untrue, your life can be irreparably disrupted and disgraced.

If you or someone you know has been placed under arrest or are under investigation for domestic violence in Colorado, it is extremely important to retain an experienced, attorney like Vee Iyer to defend against the charges as soon as possible. Domestic violence may attach to a charge of harassment, assault in the 3rd degree, criminal mischief, stalking and restraining orders. It’s important to understand that domestic violence by itself is not a criminal charge but instead it is a label given to the charges just mentioned when there is or used to be, an intimate relationship between the people involved.

In order to attach the domestic violence label, either misdemeanor or felony, they have to prove you are having, or have had, intimate relations with the person. Keep in mind that many industries and professionals will not hire people with a domestic violence conviction.

Many times, the accuser will admit they weren’t telling the truth, but by then, even their attempt to tell the truth is not believed and they are characterized as a recanting victim. The prosecutor may try to slant it to seem like they are scared of you. They may even try to use a domestic violence expert to testify that the “victim” finally coming clean is a part of the cycle of violence and not to be believed.

But in our experience, there are more false accusations in domestic violence cases than there are in any type of case. In the heat of anger, frustration, jealousy, or revenge one spouse often realizes that there is power in picking up the telephone and calling 911. But later when emotions have cooled, the situation may appear quite differently, but it may have already lead to your arrest, despite the untruth of it.

What can you do if you are falsely accused of domestic violence?

Sometimes when you look back you can see the warning signs of the accuser’s emotional instability and their tendency to act out irrationally, resulting in their false accusations about you attacking them. If you realize this accuser may file false charges against you, here is some advice that can help limit the damage of their untruthful actions against you.

Call our office and we can advise you on what you should do next. With an attorney on your side the authorities may treat you differently and in the least, we can defend your rights before things have gone too far.

If your relationship with someone who has falsely accused you or someone else in the past or someone who you know is unstable and makes bad decisions when they are angry, begins to get contentious, you should protect your documents and valuables, like your driver’s license, birth certificate, car titles, and money. Don’t think you will be the exception to their dirty tricks because that would be foolish. It’s better to protect these items than to have to try to get them back after they steal them.

If you have a sense that your accuser if heading toward a false allegation, tell your family and friends. Explain your concerns about the accuser’s strange, aggressive or vindictive behavior. By telling them ahead of time, they are more likely to believe you than after the accusation.

If you are suspicious of your accuser’s motives, change all your logins and passwords for your accounts, computers, laptops, social media, vehicle entrance, hard drives, cell phones. Some accusers are very sophisticated in setting you up and will send messages from your cell phone and then later accuse you of sending threatening messages. Protect yourself. Don’t give them access to any of these things.

In some circumstances, things are actually the opposite of the way the accuser presents it. It may actually be you who has been assaulted even though you’re the one with a restraining order against you. If this happens, try to get as much evidence as possible without risking your safety. We will also try to dispel the false perception that only men commit domestic violence.

What are the reasons for the accuser’s untruthful statements and behavior?

Often the accuser has very serious mental health issues. Sometimes they just love the attention and power of being a victim and manipulating others’ responses.

The false accuser is often looking for revenge, a way to get even for some perceived slight or unintentional mistake. Sometimes they already have another girlfriend or boyfriend and just want you out of the picture. It can also be a tactic to get the upper hand in some legal proceeding against you like in divorce or child custody cases.

We will work together to find the underlying motivation for these false accusations and expose them as lies. We will expose the accuser’s credibility, and show evidence as to the real reason for the lies and present our side of the story. Our goal is always to avoid a charge, get a case dismissed, and vindicate you if charges are filed.

Our legal team at the Iyer Law Office in Denver wants to advise you on the next steps if you’re accused of domestic violence in Colorado and develop a legal strategy that will vindicate you and get your life back on track. Our office will fight on your behalf against the false accusations of felony or misdemeanor domestic violence and make sure your side is heard.


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