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A bad night out ending with a DUI… now what?

We all make less than ideal decisions at some point in our lives. You’re driving home and see those flashing lights behind you. You’re pulled over and busted with a DUI. After going through all the processes and being sent home (hopefully, unless you have to spend the night behind bars), you scour the internet…
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How to choose a Denver criminal law firm

Facing criminal prosecution is stressful and overwhelming. Although you may be tempted to hire your family lawyer, your best chance is to choose a Denver criminal law firm with impressive criminal defense experience. Here are simple tips to follow when selecting a local criminal defense attorney in the Denver area: Make sure the law firm…
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Do I need a criminal attorney?

If you are wondering if you need to hire a criminal attorney, chances are you do, especially if you are facing a charge for a crime you did not commit. Defending your case can be both mentally and financially draining. Don’t face it alone. Experienced attorneys know the emotional and financial toll court proceedings can…
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Do you need an attorney for a DUI charge?

If the police charge you with driving under the influence of alcohol, you’ll need to decide if you want to hire a DUI attorney. So, should you find a lawyer or go solo? A professional can use specialized legal knowledge to shorten prison sentences and reduce fines. If you have representation, you might also be…
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Best Denver DUI Attorney

Because a DUI conviction can have devastating consequences, your best DUI defense starts the moment you’re pulled over. Today our DUI defense attorney at the Iyer Law Office in Denver provides the insight you need to protect yourself from a wrongful DUI arrest and conviction. Of course, if you need help with an active situation,…
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Understanding Embezzlement and Colorado Laws

Criminal Defense Lawyer
The theft of property or money when one is in a position of trust is the basis of embezzlement crimes in Colorado. This means that the person who was entrusted to take care of the property or money is the one who misappropriates it, having had legal access to it because of their position of…
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