Aggravated assault defense attorney V. Iyer knows how to defend you in Denver. He has been working with clients charged criminally for many years and is ready to help you with your case in Denver.

Choosing an aggravated assault defense attorney can be challenge, knowing whether or not the lawyer is good and will work for you or not is not easy. At Iyer Law Office we always make your best interests first priority. We know how to defend your case and win.
Because aggravated assault is a charge that can lead to jail time, we make sure to get all of the facts right and create a strong defense that will work in Colorado court. We take every client and every charge seriously and always deliver professionalism and detail oriented work that will help your situation.
Aggravated assault defense attorney V. Iyer knows the law better than anyone and will use every resource to fulfill his obligation to you to give the best legal representation in all of Denver. We care about our clients at Iyer Law Office in Denver.