Assault charges are very serious and can have major consequences, whether 1st degree or third, and you need an experienced lawyer to create your defense for your assault charge.    Whether you actually lost your temper or are innocent of your assault charge, defense that is carefully tailored to your specific case provides your best chance at a positive outcome, and Iyer Law Office offers one on one legal defense with years of experience behind it.
We have provided effective defense for many people facing assault charges in Denver even in very complicated cases where things have looked bleak for the client, and we can help you by doing the same. It is important to very quickly find assault charge defense as soon as charges are brought,  so that we can start helping immediately, before you start talking to the police or prosecutor.
 Iyer Law Office is available any time to take on new cases of assault charge defense in Denver, so call right away if you have been arrested for assault, or any other criminal charge in Colorado.  Everyone deserves strong representation, and Iyer Law Office aims to bring a solid defense strategy  to anyone who is facing assault charges in Denver.