An assault charge in Denver can have serious consequences such as loss of custody and restraining orders. Assault is considered an extraordinary risk crime, which means that the judge may increase the maximum sentencing. This can have detrimental consequences and must be avoided at all costs.

 V. Iyer of Iyer Law Office will be your advocate if you are facing an assault charge in Denver. One must secure confident and qualified legal advice to ensure good
representation in Denver. In Colorado, assault charges can be paired with domestic violence, DUIs and often result from physical disputes.
According to Title 18 of the Colorado Revised Statutes, assault in the third degree is committed when a person knowingly or recklessly causes bodily injury to another or negligently causes bodily injury to another by means of a deadly weapon.
Whether or not your assault charge is assault in the third degree or not, V. Iyer knows how to defend assault charge cases very effectively in Denver. We will take your
assault charge case seriously as we do all of our client’s cases in Denver.