Drunk driving charges should never be taken lightly, and as soon as you are arrested you should immediately call Iyer Law Office for the best DUI attorney in Denver.   V. Iyer will use his years of experience as both prosecutor and defense lawyer to help you get the fairest treatment possible when charged with a DUI.  In some cases we can even get the charges dismissed entirely by finding flaws in the arrest procedure or in the evidence the police have against you or simply by proving your innocence.   When that is not an option, a solid and competent DUI attorney can still help you get the best possible outcome, avoiding jail time, lowering fines and saving your driving privileges in many cases so you can put this past you and get back to your life.

Before you say anything at all to the police in your drunk driving case, call for the best DUI attorney in Denver so you are not coerced into saying anything to incriminate yourself further. We can immediately advise you as to what to do next, and will quickly start working on the details of your case to defend and support you during this difficult situation.