Attorney V Iyer successfully convinced the Arapahoe DA to dismiss the case against his client. It was not a big block buster case, but the client was charged with careless driving because of an accident. Attorney V Iyer worked very hard to show the DA that this case was about being wrongly charged by the police. An Inexperienced police officer issued the ticket for careless driving when it was an “accident” pure and simple The accident occurred because of very bad weather, the temperature was 16 degrees below zero and the road had patches of black ice. The car was at a stop light and on getting the green light moved ahead slowly (20 miles below speed limit) but unfortunately skidded on unseen patch of ice. Attorney Iyer convinced the DA that this case is an accident and an accident is not a crime. The client was wrongly charged in this matter.
The DA reluctantly dismissed stating that they did not believe they could prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. The client was eager to plead guilty to an offense she did not commit just to get the case over. Attorney V Iyer convinced the client to hang on because he strongly believed that the DA would not take the case to trial just to lose.
No matter the criminal situation, Attorney V Iyer works very hard and aggressively fights for the client rights. He leaves no stone unturned to provide the best possible result for his client.

The underlying message is that the client was smart and wise to hire Attorney V Iyer, his office subscribes to the idea that an aggressive attorney who is passionate in helping people will usually get the best possible result.  The Law Office of V Iyer never accepts the DA’s first or second offer unless it’s for a dismissal.