Parents Charged With Child Neglect Denver

Your family is unique. But sometimes people don’t understand your family culture.  Families are complicated and often there are misunderstandings and false accusations from not having all the facts. When Human Services gets involved, they often make inaccurate judgments. That’s why you need an experienced attorney to protect your children, as well as your parental…
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Colorado Child Neglect Charges

Don’t let your children be taken away and put in foster care. You need to take immediate action if you have Colorado child neglect charges filed against you. A child neglect charge can lead to you losing custody of your children. When Colorado child neglect charges are filed against you, you need an aggressive attorney…
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Child Abuse Defense Attorney Denver

The possibility of losing your children is frightening. So the consequences of a dependency and neglect petition filed against you needs immediate attention. Did you know a D&N petition could cause you to lose custody of your children? Don’t hesitate. You need a good attorney right away. You should not fight it alone.  You need…
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Child Neglect Charges in Denver

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. If  child neglect charges in Denverhave been filed against you, you will need a good criminal defense attorney to protect your children and your parental rights. Attorney Vee Iyer with the Iyer Law Office has extensive experience and expertise in child neglect cases. What will this charge mean…
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