If you have been charged with a DUI in Englewood, act fast and call Iyer Law Office today! Many of our DUI charge clients do not realize that you must request a hearing within 7 days of the charge otherwise a suspension of license up to 2 years is possible.

That is one reason why V. Iyer is so successful in his cases. He takes care of his clients and advises them according to their needs. The team at Iyer Law Office will take care of you and get you the proper defense befitting a charge of DUI in Englewood. We know the law and V. Iyer knows what makes a case successful.
Let us be on your team and you will feel an ease of burden, your chances for reduced sentencing go up dramatically and we will fight for you when charged with a DUI. We know what it means to be charged with a DUI. It is not fun, nor easy but it can be won. Let V. Iyer of Iyer Law Office defend you and you will be glad you chose the best.