The criminal codes here in Colorado include laws for all kind of criminal offenses. It also outlines the criminal procedures that need to be followed for a particular criminal matter.  It defines the legal rules for criminal conduct and defines the punishment for the same.  It is within these details, rules or laws that a person’s liberty and rights can be neglected and it is the job of the criminal defense attorney to protect their client’s rights to the best of his or her ability as we have taken an oath to do so.
There are two main categories of criminal offense here in the United States, Felony and Misdemeanor.  A felony is the more serious type of criminal offense and can lead to a sentence from over one year all the way up to capital punishment. Crimes of assault, white collar, crimes of a sexual nature, homicide, burglary and theft charges as well as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol are just some of the crimes typically charged as felonies here in Colorado.
 A misdemeanor offense is another crime that faces prosecution in courts here in Colorado and is typically a less serious offense but the resulting effect on someone being convicted of a misdemeanor is nothing but serious.  These types of convictions can cause difficulty in one’s professional career and it can be a very long and frustrating process fighting these types of charges. These types of offenses are punishable by law up to 18 months if your offense is considered a crime of extraordinary risk as deemed by a judge. The penalty may also be comprised of jail, public service and or monetary fines or a combination of all three.
A professional criminal defense attorney can help you navigate through both felony and misdemeanor charges reducing the impact the experience will have on you as the accused. Even more importantly there are times that innocent people are falsely accused of committing a crime when they have not. Every offender is given the chance to prove their innocence and with the assistance of an experienced attorney you will be able to demonstrate your innocence and prove this to a jury of your peers should the matter go to trial.
If I could offer any advice to someone accused of a crime here in Colorado it is to urge you to hire an experienced criminal attorney.  At the Iyer Law Office we serve the entire Denver region as well as the Front Range and we have the knowledge and passion to defend you to the fullest extent possible.  Call us today at 303-337-0473 to schedule a free consultation and speak with Attorney V. Iyer.