The possibility of losing your children is frightening. So the consequences of a dependency and neglect petition filed against you need immediate attention. Did you know a D&N petition could cause you to lose custody of your children? Don’t hesitate. You need a good attorney right away. You should not fight it alone.  You need child abuse and neglect attorneys representing you because it’s the judge who makes the final decision in approving or denying their suggested placement for your children. If a petition is filed against you, you need to immediately contact V Iyer, a child abuse, and neglect attorneys. He can use his knowledge and experience to protect your children and your parental rights. Do it as soon as you can.

A dependency and neglect petition often referred to as a “D&N” case, usually begins with your children being taken into custody by human services and sent into foster care.  This is a frightening experience for your children and you. Sometimes your kids may be placed with relatives, but either way, your children can no longer live with you. This can be heartbreaking. Attorney Iyer assists parents facing dependency and neglect petitions, and his goal is for the immediate return home of your children. He has years of experience in child neglect cases. He is the kind of attorney you want defending you in a D&N case.  The Department of Human Services and the guardian ad litem (G.A.L.) who is appointed by the court on behalf of the best interest of the children, together make the decision whether or not to place the children out of your home. So you should immediately contact the Iyer Law Office to have your questions answered and your rights protected. You want the best on your side.

When Human Services removes your children from your home, it is devastating for your whole family. You need strong and determined child abuse and neglect attorneys fighting for you. Don’t give up. Just get a good attorney who can protect your rights. A dependency and neglect case is a horrible experience for your family. One that can leave scars and fear. Don’t let that happen to you. Contact Attorney V Iyer.