It’s devastating for you when Human Services jumps to conclusions about your family, based on very little evidence, and your children are removed from your home.

When they are placed into foster care, your world turns upside down. Living without your children is your worst nightmare. But don’t give up. There is help out there for you and your family. The first thing you need to do is get a good child abuse defense attorney because any statements made by you are often used for possible criminal prosecution. You must be very careful what you say.

If you get a dependency and neglect petition filed against you, you will have to appear in court, and you will need a child abuse defense attorney fighting on your side. Child abuse is a broad term to describe four types of improper treatment of a child or children. These four types of mistreatment are physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse or psychological, and neglect. In many cases, children could be experiencing more than one type of abuse. The abusers of a child or children can be parents or siblings, or blood relatives or relatives by marriage or other family members or family friends, or caretakers such as teachers and babysitters, priest, parishioners, acquaintances.

This is when you want to have Child Abuse Defense Attorney Iyer from the Iyer Law Office working for you because the court will hear your side of the situation. Then it’s your turn to tell your side of the story and explain the situation. A preliminary protective hearing (temporary custody or initial hearing), to determine if Human Services was legally justified in removing the children from your custody or in intervening in your child-parent relationship, is usually held within 24-72 hours. But the failure to hold a timely custody hearing does not take away the court’s jurisdiction. If you win, your children are returned home to you, but if you lose, your children are placed outside your home, and your parental rights can be terminated. Iyer will do his best to prevent your parental rights from being terminated. The termination of your parental rights means that you will no longer legally be their parent. This is not acceptable.To have the best chance for your family to be together and your children returned, you need to get Child Abuse Defense Attorney Iyer to defend you. Contact Iyer Law Office for a free consultation about your case. No one wants their children in foster care. You need to fight back.