What Are Extraordinary Risk Crimes In Colorado

Colorado criminal statutes have said that certain crimes are to be classified as an extraordinary risk of harm to society. The Colorado Legislature has determined that certain crimes poses a greater risk of harm to human health or safety and therefore deserving of greater punishment in jail or prison and fines than those crimes which are not classified as extraordinary risk crimes. Generally, certain crimes in Felonies class 3 through 6 and Misdemeanor class 1 are those that are classified as extraordinary risk of harm to society.

It is based on the nature of the crime and there is a higher penalty for them. Felonies classified by law as extraordinary risk of harm to society include aggravated robbery, child abuse, and the unlawful distribution, manufacturing, dispensing, sale, or possession of a controlled substance with the intent to sell, distribute, manufacture, or dispense drugs.

Also included are assault in the second degree and escape from a correctional facility or a halfway house, and any crime against an at-risk adult or at-risk juvenile. Certain adults and certain juveniles have been legislated to be at risk based on age and mental or physical disabilities. Murder, kidnapping, first degree arson, first degree burglary, escape, criminal extortion of the first or second degree, and unlawful termination of a pregnancy are also extraordinary risk crimes. Mitigating factors can cut the minimum sentence in half, while aggravating factors can double it.

Felony class 1 (the most serious crime) which has a minimum sentence of Life Imprisonment and a maximum sentence of Death is not classified for additional punishment as an extra ordinary risk crimes. Similarly Felony class 2 (the next most serious crime) which has a minimum sentence of 8 years (4 years with exceptional mitigating circumstances) and a maximum sentence of 24 years (48 years with Exceptional aggravating circumstances). However, Felonies class 1 and class 2 could also be classified as violent crimes which may have significant higher prison sentences. Sentencing of violent crimes requires the Court to mandatorily sentence the convicted person within a specific range of prison.

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