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Misdemeanors Defense Attorney: Misdemeanors are more serious than petty offenses, but much less serious than felonies. Misdemeanors typically result in imposition of punishments such as a fine and/or a jail sentence not to exceed 24 months. If a jail sentence is imposed, it is served at a county jail rather than a State or Federal prison (penitentiary). In many jurisdictions (like Colorado), and in certain types of cases, defendants (you) who cannot afford an attorney may not be entitled to a court-appointed attorney (State paid or the Public Defender) in a misdemeanor case. Unlike felonies, misdemeanors are usually handled by county, and sometimes, municipal courts with abbreviated procedures, such as a city court or municipal court procedures (where your rights are limited). Some misdemeanor convictions can result in deportation if you are an illegal alien or proceedings to cancel your legal status could be commenced by Homeland Security (Immigration Department – ICE) after you are convicted of certain misdemeanor crimes.

If you are an illegal alien or a legal resident but not a U.S. Citizen you could be deported or denied continued legal status in the U.S. by Homeland Security (Immigration Department – ICE) after you are convicted of certain felony crimes.


In Colorado, there are three classes of misdemeanor offenses. The table below shows the possible sentence for each class:


Class One Misdemeanor (M1) – Up to 18 Months Jail*

Class Two Misdemeanor (M2) – Up to 12 Months Jail

Class Three Misdemeanor (M3) – Up to 6 months Jail

*If your charge is designated as an “Extraordinary Risk Crime,” then this will increase the maximum sentence from 18 months jail to 24 months jail for a Class One Misdemeanor.


Some Class One Misdemeanors are labeled as Extraordinary Risk Crimes, which increases the maximum sentence the judge may give you. Extraordinary Risk Crimes include but are not limited to, Child Abuse, Third Degree Assault, Unlawful Sexual Contact, and Violation of Restraining Order (only for second or subsequent offenses).

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