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Aurora, Colorado, with its rich history of frontier towns, ranchers and farmers, is a city with an interesting past and a great future. As Colorado’s third largest city, Aurora is a diverse city of 160 square miles, stretching into Arapahoe, Adams and Douglas counties. But even in an idyllic place like Aurora, crime happens, people are charged and prosecuted, and lives are irrevocably changed because of it. No community is immune to crime. However, no community is immune to injustice either, and sometimes the criminal system, with its good intentions, flat out gets it wrong. Every year across America innocent people are charged, jailed, convicted, and sent to prison for months, years, or even decades for crimes that they simply did… not… commit!

Shockingly, estimates place the rate of wrongful convictions in the United States somewhere between 2 and 10 percent. If you take into consideration that approximately 2.3 million people are incarcerated at any given time in the US, a mere 2% doesn’t sound so small when that projected number equates to 46,000, and 10 percent equates to nearly a quarter of a million people. When the justice system gets it wrong then there is effectively no justice for the innocent who are falsely accused, tried on false evidence or weak hearsay evidence from a witness, convicted, and sent to prison for crime they did not commit.

At Iyer Law Office, LLC, we’ll stand up for you, no matter if your charges are big or small. As a top Aurora, CO criminal defense attorney firm, we understand that there are many ways an innocent person can get into prison, but only one way to stay out, and that way is by beating the charges with a top-notch criminal defense strategy.

Building Your Defense | Criminal Defense Attorney In Aurora, CO

It all begins with a conversation, an open dialogue between us that puts all the facts and issues on the table so we can look at them together. We’ll have a relaxed but thorough conversation with you and go over every last detail of your case, starting with the events that occurred that led to your arrest or charges. This will be a frank and honest conversation so we can truly understand every issue, and it is the foundation from which we’ll build your criminal defense. The more we know about you and the events the better, so this is our time to begin building the trusting relationship that will take us all the way to the end of the process together. We’ll be with you every step of the way. All of our clients are like family to us, and we’ll defend you vigorously as we would our own family.

Approaching your defense, we’ll work with you to decide which one of two possible paths we’ll travel. The first path is when you are falsely charged; you did not commit the crime, and thus we must now demonstrate that you are innocent by providing evidence that proves that, or creates enough reasonable doubt that the court cannot convict you. The second path would be if you committed the crime but have reasons why you should not be held responsible. As your criminal defense attorney in Aurora, CO, we’ll talk with you and decide our path and then work tirelessly to win your case.

Common Criminal Defense Strategies

Insufficient Proof

Innocent until proven guilty, that’s the standard in our justice system. If we use this defense strategy, we won’t have to prove innocence but we will put forward a mountain of evidence that will create doubt, and in the US court system, reasonable doubt is enough to win an acquittal. You are innocent unless the prosecution can prove ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ that you are guilty. If a juror doubts your guilt, that juror cannot vote to convict.

Valid Alibi

In this criminal defense, as your Aurora, CO criminal defense attorney, we’ll show that you were in a different location during the time the crime was committed. As it is not possible for a person to be in two places at once, you could not have committed the crime; you were not there.


If you are charged with some type of assault, the self-defense strategy may be the best option. If you were in a physical conflict with another person or persons that resulted in an injury or death, you should not be convicted if your actions were in self-defense or in defense of another person. Our job will be to prove that your actions were needed to defend your own safety or life, or the safety and life of another. In general, the actions need to be in line with the threat, but this is what we’ll discuss with you when we come on board as your criminal defense attorney in Aurora, CO.

Under the Influence

While this is certainly not a defense for a DUI case, it could be useful as at least a partial defense in another type of criminal case. In this defense strategy we’ll seek to prove that you committed the crime while ‘under the influence’ of drugs or alcohol, and thus you were not in a normal mental state to fully understand your actions. This strategy is most effective when used in combination with another strategy, as it is not typically a stand-alone strategy that wins an acquittal on its own.


Many times law enforcement officers will work undercover and engage in activities with suspected criminals in order to get evidence and charge them. However, this approach can lead to arrests that are sometimes very questionable when the undercover officers seemingly step over the line and force someone into a criminal action. If an individual is coerced into committing a crime by an officer of the law, that is a good time to use the entrapment defense strategy.


While you see this defense a lot in Hollywood movies, it is not a defense strategy that should be used commonly. The insanity defense should only be used when absolutely appropriate, when it can be proven that the charged has a condition which renders him or her incapable of distinguishing between what is right and what is wrong. If we use this strategy as your Aurora, CO criminal defense attorney, we’ll bring in the expert witnesses we need, such as psychiatrists, therapists, or other specialized or credentialed experts, in order to prove ‘insanity’ to the court.

An Attorney You Can Count On | Criminal Defense Attorney in Aurora, CO

I’m Vee Iyer and I’ve been advocating for people’s rights for many years. I’ve successfully handled cases in every kind of criminal law imaginable. As a former deputy district attorney in Colorado, I know what it takes to get a conviction, as I was actively involved in getting those convictions for the state. Therefore, as your criminal defense attorney in Aurora, CO, I am well prepared to counter prosecutors; to question their ‘evidence;’ and to handle my own investigations, working with some of Colorado’s best private investigators to procure the evidence I need to get your case dismissed, acquitted, or to achieve another favorable outcome. You can count on me when times are tough.

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