Have you or someone you care about been arrested on criminal charges, possibly facing jail time or extraordinary fines?   The very first thing you need to do is find excellent legal representation to prevent legal catastrophe, because without a lawyer, or with a substandard one, your chances of beating your charges go down significantly.  Immediately after your arrest you should try to get in touch with a reliable criminal defense attorney in Denver so that we can start helping you right away and have the best chance at clearing your record.

A qualified lawyer will take the time to sit down with you and hear the details of your charges, whereas a public defender usually has more cases than they can handle and has to do the best they can with whatever information they are given.  Iyer Law Office specializes in criminal charges, and our lawyer always has enough time for every client to get all of the information and do his research, so you get an effective, professional defense.   As soon as you get that initial phone call after an arrest, call our office or contact us through our website so we can start working on your case right away.