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Thankfully we live in a great country, a country with a system of laws that are designed to protect our rights and interests. And our judicial system oversees the process of enforcing and maintaining our laws and protections. In the American judicial system, the courts, you are innocent until proven guilty and this is a principle that we all take for granted, but probably shouldn’t. Many places in the world do not provide their people the same protection against unfair judgments, so we should celebrate the fact that we have these rights. No matter what we face, no matter what we are charged with, we will always be entitled to our ‘day in court,’ a time when we can stand up and tell our side of the story to a judge or jury of our peers.

In America, you’re innocent until proven guilty, and as your criminal defense attorney in Littleton, CO, our job, our passion, is protection. We believe in you, and we believe everyone deserves a great defense. When you work with us, we’ll be your advocate. Whether your charges are misdemeanor in nature or a felony crime, we’ll put together a solid defense and prepare to win at trial, all the while working to get your charges dismissed entirely if possible.

There’s A Process, And We Know How To Work It! | Criminal Defense Attorney In Littleton, CO

Working the system is what we do. We understand how the justice system works, backwards and forward and sideways. In short, there’s nothing that eludes us; we understand the process completely because we have the experience within the system. When we work for you, we are committed completely and won’t stop until a favorable outcome is reached.

The court system is fairly basic, but the laws are nuanced and can thus make the process rather complex. This is where we shine. Because we know how to work the system, taking advantage of every motion, every negotiation, every precedent, to ensure you get the best outcome that is possible based on the circumstances of your case.

How Do We Do It? | Littleton, CO Criminal Defense Attorney

It Begins With A Conversation

We start by talking with you. As your criminal defense attorney in Littleton, CO we listen, because we want and need to understand your side of the story. After all, no one understands your situation better, so in order to help you we need to know you, and know your story. In our comfortable sit down meeting we’ll get all the facts on the table and by the end of our meeting you’ll have a relaxed feeling, knowing that you’re in good hands. After we gather all the information from you during our meeting we’ll then begin building your defense.

Question Everything | Investigate Everything

Once we have the facts on the table we can then go after every option to get your case dismissed before it even goes to trial. We will literally question everything that prosecution alleges, and everything they present, and this will all be done long before your trial begins, assuming your case goes to trial, which it very well may not. We will question every statement the prosecution presents to the judge assigned to your case and investigate everything they allege. If we find anything we don’t like, and we will, then it’s time to file a motion. Let’s take a minute to consider what a motion is and how it can help you.

Before A Trial Even Begins, An Abundance Of Motions Can Be Filed By The Defense Team. The Motions We File As Your Criminal Defense Attorney In Littleton, CO Could Literally Alter The Course Of The Entire Proceeding. The Motions We File Could Force The Prosecution To Suppress Their ‘Evidence’ Against You, Keeping It Out Of Jurors’ Eyes And Minds. Motions Can Sometimes Affect The Charges, To Our Favor. Motions Can, At Times, Get An Entire Case Dismissed (Best Case Scenario). Some Of The Most Common Motions Filed During The Pretrial Phase Are As Follows:

Motion To Modify Bail

As it sounds, this motion requests that a judge modify a defendant’s bail status.

Motion To Dismiss Complaint

Asks the judge to dismiss a case based on an insufficient criminal complaint.

Motion To Suppress Evidence

This particular motion could allow the defense to dismiss or exclude certain items or elements of evidence that were gathered illegally, tainted, or coerced.

Motion For Bill Of Particulars

The motion requires a prosecutor to detail all charges, and the reason for filing such charges.

Motion To Reduce Charges

This motion requests that a judge reduce the charges to accurately charge a defendant for the alleged criminal action.

Motion For Change Of Venue

A request to move the trial to another court, in a different location, in order to ensure a fair trial.

Motion For Discovery

A request for the prosecution to make all ‘evidence’ they possess in regard to a defendant’s case available to the defense team.

Motion To Preserve Evidence

This motion mandates that the prosecution preserve all evidence until defense investigators or experts can systematically evaluate that evidence.

Motion To Strike A Prior Conviction

This is a request for the judge to look past, or strike, a particular prior conviction, which could prevent a defendant from facing the sentencing guidelines associated with repeat offenders.

Motion To Examine Police Personnel File

In some cases, a police officer’s past conduct and/or history may be relevant to the defense’s current criminal charges, as such this motion is a request to review the officer’s file.

Motion To Disclose Identity Of An Informant

This motion, if granted, would allow the defense to attack the credibility of an informant’s motives and the validity of their testimony

Motion For Speedy Trial

This is a request to expedite the trial proceedings in order to prevent government entities from unlawfully detaining or holding a defendant, or from bringing an individual to trial for an actual crime in a timely manner.

Gathering Our Own Evidence & Building Your Case

The prosecution will allege that they have ‘evidence’ against you. We take nothing at face value and do our own investigation and dig, dig, dig to find the facts that will support your defense. If we need to, we will hire our own private investigators. We’ll interview witnesses and police personnel, and look for holes in their stories or questionable character. We’ll do what it takes, and we will not stop until we have reached a favorable outcome for you. As your criminal defense attorney in Littleton, CO, there are a myriad of tools we’ll use to build your case, too many to mention here, but when you meet with us during your initial interview we’ll be happy to go through all your options in great detail, so you’ll be comfortable.

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Mr. Iyer thanks for taking care of my DUI charges. Because you challenged the officer’s finding I was able to get a fair hearing. I highly recommend Mr. Iyer to anyone who needs their rights and interests protected. 

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