As a criminal defense attorney here in Denver I often get asked the very basic question and the answer is anything but simple.  This was asked of me by client here in Denver just recently.
QUESTION:  Should I plead guilty or not guilty? I was told to plead not guilty in order to have a court appointed attorney from public defender’s office since I have low income to have time to prepare for the case.   I admitted of stealing from cash register and signed $2500 civil restitution was then cuffed and charged with felony theft class 4 or 6 I am not sure bail was set at $3000. (I’m not sure how much I stole in a period of 10 weeks I was working there but they estimated without showing me proof just estimation from the nights cash registers were short on nights I was working. I don’t deny I did it, but don’t think I took that much. my concern is to go to jail and more important losing my other job and not be able to find good employment with felony showing on my records in background checks. I would call an attorney but I cannot afford a lawyer on what I make. my wife is due and I don’t want to miss being there at delivery. I am 18 with no prior conviction.

ANSWER: Let the judge know you want a lawyer and cannot afford one. If eligible you can have the public defender represent you and if the public defender conflicts out an Alternate Defense Counsel will be appointed for you by the Court and is paid by the State – you will not be required to pay this court appointed attorney.

You should never do anything in Court, with the police or prosecutors without representation  from a professional criminal a lawyer. Call the law offices of Denver criminal defense attorney V Iyer at 303.337.0473.