It is terrifying when you or someone you love is facing driving under the influence charges, and having a truly experienced criminal defense DUI attorney like the team at  Iyer Law Offices in Englewood Colorado working with you can ease a considerable amount of that terror.  V. Iyer is a former district attorney, who helped to prosecute thousands of cases, and his experience helping to prosecute DUI can now be used to help you defend yourself against that prosecution, because he is familiar with the process and the system from both sides.

Having someone with serious experience and expertise in DUI defense as your attorney in a criminal case can drastically change the outcome of your charges, helping to reduce potential jail time, lessen your fines, and work to help you keep your license if possible. The consequences of driving under the influence are often very severe indeed, but in many cases an excellent criminal defense DUI attorney can help to alleviate some of the legal consequences at least.   V. Iyer and his team in Englewood will work hard and use their extensive knowledge of DUI criminal law to help you mount the best possible defense for your individual case.