A criminal charge can throw your life into a spin. It can be a scary, lonely time.If you’ve been charged with theft or theft by receiving, you need a criminal defense law firm in Denver to represent you. The sooner the better. Your rights need to be protected.

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A theft charge can be devastating. You will need a good criminal defense law firm in Denver to protect your rights and provide the best defense for you.

is the taking of a thing of value from another person with the intent
to permanently deprive the other person of the thing of value. The
District Attorney must prove that you intended that the owner would
never get the items or money back. If you borrowed the items or money,
this is not considered to be a criminal act in Colorado – even if the
owner was not aware that you borrowed it.

Theft can be a felony or misdemeanor in Colorado, depending on the value of items or money stolen.

by receiving is accepting something when you know it has been stolen. A
defense to your theft by receiving case may be that you didn’t know that the items were stolen.

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