Deferred Judgement Sentences

In a deferred judgement sentence, you agree to plead guilty to one or more deferred offenses, meaning that you are not pleading guilty to an additional charge outside the deferred judgement agreement. Then, if you complete what they ask you to do, the charges will be dismissed. You may have to take some classes, perform useful public service, or make a charitable contribution, for example.

The terms of the deferred judgement sentence may include probation and you would have to pay a fee for that. You would have to pay the court costs, in some cases, and may have to submit to drug or alcohol testing. If you successfully complete all the terms, you are allowed to withdraw your guilty plea and then the case is closed. The deferred sentencing agreement is also dismissed. You can then seal the case, if you are an adult, unless it was a DUI or DWAI or DUID charge.

With a deferred prosecution, you have to agree to waive your right to a speedy trial. The District Attorney will suspend prosecuting the case while you complete all that they ask you to do. If you successfully complete everything, then the case is dismissed, and you do not have a conviction on your record. Then, you can seal your criminal record right away. If you fail in a deferred prosecution, then the case starts over and they proceed with it, just like a normal case.

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