Denver Attorney V Iyer just secured a another favorable outcome for one of his clients.  This was for a 3rd Degree Assault (Domestic Violence) and Harassment (Domestic Violence) charge, and they were both recently dismissed by the Arapahoe County DA.
The client was on an H (work related in technology employment) type Visa. A Domestic Violence conviction may have caused his removal and cancellation of H type visa.  On the day of trial, the DA dismissed the case as the DA was unable to prove any of the allegations beyond a reasonable doubt.  The case did not have much merit but originally the DA refused to dismiss the case and therefore I set the case for trial. It took four months from the date the case was set for trial to get the dismissal, not because of anything we did or did not do but rather because that is how the DA handles these types of matters, they wait till the very day of trial to dismiss the case.
My only regret is that the DA did not dismiss the case earlier in which case the client would have saved the trial fees and costs. But alas we do not control that part.

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