If you have been accused of child abuse, defending yourself against such a charge can be difficult because it involves the testimony of a child.  The stigma that comes with a child abuse charge may seem impossible to overcome.  If
you are charged with child abuse – whether physical, emotional, or sexual – and are looking in Denver for a child abuse defense attorney, call the Iyer Law Firm.
Like other crimes, a person charged with child abuse has the same rights as defendants of other crimes. Attorney Iyer has the confidence and skills to fight for your freedom. As a former prosecutor, he has insight to both sides of the courtroom.  Through his work as a prosecutor he has gained valuable knowledge in all stages of criminal law, successfully prosecuting thousands of court cases.
The Iyer Law Firm will constitutionals rights of all his clients.  Our main goal is to create a trusting and solid working relationship with all our clients. We will give you straight forward honest answers to all your questions so you will know what to expect based upon your specific case.
Whether you are under investigation,facing criminal charges and are seeking a child abuse defense attorney, the Iyer Law Office is the firm to call.  We can offer the aggressive representation you need to win your case. Call today and get on the right track to a proper defense.