When you or someone in your life are facing serious criminal charges, you want to find a Denver criminal defense law firm that can be trusted to take the time to learn the details of your case and use their knowledge of the law to build an effective defense for you.  Whether you are dealing with felony charges, a juvenile arrest, or drunk driving charges, you will still need to have an experienced, determined lawyer on your side.

 Iyer Law Office provides some of the best defense in Colorado, working individually with every client to develop the most effective strategy to protect their rights.   V. Iyer has extensive experience built during his time in the DA’s
office, giving him insight into the ways that the prosecution approaches different types of cases, and making him more prepared to defend against those methods.   We know how stressful it is when someone you care about is in legal trouble, and we want to do everything that we can to make it a little bit easier on you, and having a solid, dependable defense lawyer is the greatest help in these difficult situations.  You can easily contact us through our website, or give a call to arrange a consultation.