Anyone who finds themselves in need of a criminal lawyer in Denver wants to make sure that the one they go to is the most qualified to defend their case. It may be tempting to save money and let the state assign you a public defender, but there is no amount of savings that is can make up for the potential damage of going to court with an inexperienced lawyer who has only had a few free minutes to look over the details of your case, as is how it usually works out when dealing with a public defender.  For serious support from a skilled criminal lawyer in Denver who has experience in both prosecution and defense, and whose team will take the time to review the circumstances of your case with you and put together an effective, comprehensive defense, call Iyer Law Office. 

 The better qualified your criminal lawyer, the better your chances of receiving a fair trial, avoiding conviction, and lessening the consequences in case of conviction.  Our team of lawyers will pay meticulous attention to every detail of your case, finding the holes in the ways the prosecution is attacking you, and getting the truth of your situation to the courts.