When you or someone you care about are facing criminal charges, possibly the single most important decision you can make to affect the outcome of your case is which defense attorney to hire.  Of course, the state will provide you with a public defender if you need, and they will do what they can, but most public defense attorneys are overworked and under-experienced, and cannot therefore provide you with a comprehensive defense plan.  An experienced defense attorney like V. Iyer at Iyer law Office in Denver has much more knowledge behind their practice, and can give each client the time it takes to prepare the most effective defense for their case.     Before turning to defending people, V. Iyer worked as a district attorney, prosecuting criminal cases, so not only is his team experienced in defense, we are also intimately familiar with how the prosecution handles various types of cases, which allows us to defend you more effectively.

No matter what type of charges you are facing, having the best defense attorney that you can on your side greatly improves your chances of getting a truly fair trial, avoiding conviction, and of mitigating the consequences if you are convicted,  so as soon as there is legal trouble, contact V. Iyer in Denver.