Domestic Violence is not by itself a criminal charge. It is a label given to a criminal charge when there is or used to be, an intimate relationship between the people involved.

Criminal charges with domestic violence attached may include all of the following: harassment, assault in the 3rd degree, criminal mischief, stalking, or restraining orders.

When domestic violence is involved it is very serious. If you or someone you know have been charged with domestic violence in Colorado, it is extremely important to retain an experienced and professional Denver Domestic Violence Attorney like V Iyer from the Iyer Law Office to defend against you as soon as possible.

For example, person can be charged with Third-Degree Assault, or they can be charged with Third-Degree Assault /Domestic Violence. This is why you need an expert Denver domestic violence attorney that knows how this label of domestic violence changes the case.

In order for the prosecutor to prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of a domestic violence charge, they must establish that you are having, or have had, intimate relations with the “victim” in question.
If it is determined to be a domestic violence offense, this acts as a sentence enhancer, and will add additional terms to your probation such as 36 domestic violence classes (these are mandatory, and even the judge doesn’t have the power to waive them).
Also a conviction with domestic violence attached can have far-reaching family and career implications, since several industries and professions are reluctant to hire those with a domestic violence conviction on their record.

You will need a well-respected Denver domestic violence attorney to protect your rights and your freedom from this very serious charge. So it is crucial to retain V Iyer as soon as you can.