Domestic violence cases in Denver  can be incredibly difficult to win, as most people who are charged will face some form of bias. You need to find a felony domestic violence attorney who is going to be able to help you remove the bias in the courtroom and receive a fair trial.  The Iyer Law Office will provide you with a felony domestic violence attorney who is experienced and known for being able to provide clients with a fair trial.
It can be difficult to sift through all of the lies that are put out in court by some individuals who were never actually assaulted. Some will bank on the myth that only men can cause domestic violence, while others will simply falsify information for their own personal gain. A strong felony domestic violence attorney found through Iyer Law Office in Denver will be able to point this out in court, showing the jury how skewed the situation truly is.
There are multiple charges that may be brought against someone who is charged with domestic violence, including third-degree assault, false imprisonment, restraining order violation, criminal mischief, and harassment.  If you are charged with any of these various offenses in the state of Denver, call the  Iyer Law Firm.