Colorado is cracking down on drunk driving.  The Iyer Law Office specializes in DUI and related traffic matters, including driving while suspended or revoked and driving under the influence. You may not know that you have seven days to plead.  Failing to do so can result in the loss of your license.  As a Denver DUI law firm, we take the time to educate our clients so they have an understanding of what is expected of them and what rights they have.
Colorado has some of the stiffest penalties for DUI.  It is one of the most difficult criminal cases to defend therefore; you must have a qualified and experienced DUI law firm, with extensive knowledgeable of the ins and outs of Colorado DUI laws.
Choosing the right attorney is extremely important.  As a Denver DUI law firm, we have a reputation for hard working representation and will work diligently to defend and protect your rights.