Felony forgery is defined as  purposely altering or changing any information on a legal document with the intent to defraud another person or an agency.  The reasons for forgery vary from an attempt to obtain goods and services, money or to gather information. If you have been charged with felony forgery call the Iyer Law Firm in Denver for a felony forgery defense attorney with years of experience.
A felony conviction is a serious matter that can result in a prison sentence and the potential loss of certain privileges and in most cases a felony conviction stays on your record forever. As a former prosecutor, Attorney Iyer has insight to both sides of the courtroom.  He has successfully prosecuted thousands of court cases and will fight for your legal rights.
We provide our clients with the highest standards of diligence, knowledge and professional advice.  Our courteous and knowledgeable staff will provide you with straight forward answers to your questions so you will have a better understanding of what lies ahead. Based upon the facts of your case we will fight for an acquittal, not guilty verdict or the best possible outcome.
A felony offense is a serious matter.  When you are looking in Denver for a felony forgery defense attorney, let the experts at the Iyer Law Firm defend your constitutional rights. Get the aggressive representation you need to win
your case.  Call our office today for an appointment.