A child’s future can be severely jeopardized by a criminal conviction.  Most juvenile crimes have very different penalties and laws associated with them.  Two of the most significant differences are that juveniles are not
entitled to a trial by jury nor are they allowed to be released on bail.  When you or a loved one is seeking a Denver juvenile crimes defense attorney, call the Iyer Law Office.
Attorney Iyer was a former prosecutor giving him insight to both sides of the courtroom.  Through his work as a prosecutor, he has prosecuted thousands of court cases and gained valuable strategies for criminal law.  When you hire an attorney, it is imperative that he/she be well versed in juvenile law.  One misstep from an inexperienced attorney can have devastating consequences that will impact the rest of their lives.
You will always receive straight forward answers to your questions regarding any possible outcomes to you case.  Attorney Iyer will fight for your legal rights. Our compassionate and knowledgeable staff will answer any questions you may have and keep you informed every step of the way.   We are strong believers in giving kids a second chance.
The Iyer Law Firm has earned a reputation for trusted, honest and diligent defense work.  If you are facing a juvenile charge and need a Denver juvenile crimes defense attorney, give us a call today.