Denver sex crimes attorney V. Iyer is here to handle you criminal charges in Denver. At Iyer Law Office we are dedicate to pursuing the best interests of our clients at all times. We have many years of experience in criminal defense and representation in Denver and that time contributes to the effectiveness of our services for our clients in Denver.

 As a Denver sex crimes attorney, V. Iyer will use his expertise to perform a thorough investigation, identifying any evidence that will contradict with the prosecution and point to our client’s innocence. If we are able to provide the appropriate evidence, the charges may be lessened or even dropped as a result.
The strategy and professionalism V. Iyer contributes to every case is what make him the Denver sex crimes attorney you want on your case. As a previous deputy district attorney and a current criminal defense attorney, both arenas of the court are familiar to V. Iyer. As your Denver sex crimes attorney, he will engage the possibilities that point to your innocence and provide a solid presentation in Denver.