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Dependency and Neglect AttorneyDependency and Neglect Attorney: It can be terrifying to hear that a dependency and neglect petition has been filed against you. This means your county human services department feels that you are not taking care of your children properly or safely (abusing or neglecting your children), and either wants to supervise your children in your home or remove your children from your home. Many times these petitions are the result of false allegations, and uninformed or overzealous human services workers.

This can be very scary for families and you should take it very seriously. As soon as possible you will need a Dependency and Neglect attorney in Denver to handle your case, to make sure your children are not taken away from you and placed in foster care, or if they have already been taken, to get them back home to you.

The court will assign a person to look out for the so-called “best interests of your children.” This person is called the Guardian-Ad Litem or “G.A.L.” However, that does not mean the G.A.L. is on your side. You will need your own attorney to represent your interests, to make sure your family stays together and your children are protected.

That’s where Attorney V Iyer, a well-respected Dependency & Neglect Attorney in Denver comes in. He will explain the situation, offer legal strategies, and speak on your behalf with the court and human services. Attorney Iyer will use everything available to protect your family.

You don’t want to make a bad situation worse, so sometimes it’s best not to talk to the G.A.L. or the human services workers until you have Attorney Iyer working on your side.

Without knowing the full details of your family or your situation, the caseworkers and the G.A.L. will often try to take the children from your home despite Attorney Iyer’s best efforts. In these cases, you may have to go to trial.

Dependency & Neglect Or Child Welfare Cases

The Dependency and Neglect proceedings do not affect your record the same way as a criminal conviction would, but losing your children is the one of the most devastating things a parent can face. Attorney Iyer will work on your side to get the government out of your family’s business.

Sometimes it is even more complicated when Dependency and Neglect petitions are brought at the same time as criminal charges. Since children are involved, the Dependency and Neglect petition will often move faster through the system. In those cases, going to trial in the dependency and neglect case may help to prepare for your criminal case. Because Attorney Iyer handles criminal cases as well, he can represent you in both cases and provide an informed and well-coordinated defense.

Attorney Iyer spent several years as a deputy district attorney, so he understands how they think, and knows how to defend you against their legal tactics.

He will conduct a complete investigation and present evidence that contradicts the Dependency and Neglect petition. Sometimes this can reduce the charges, or avoid having them filed at all, and hopefully dismiss the petition for Dependency and Neglect.

When a petition of Dependency and Neglect is dismissed by the court, the case is closed. If the child was placed in foster care; then the child is automatically returned back to your home and you can be a family again.

Dependency and Neglect cases are complicated and heartbreaking for you. Dependency & Neglect Attorney in Denver V Iyer has the expertise and experience in D&N cases. You need Mr. Iyer to fight for your family, the sooner the better.

Contact Attorney V Iyer here for a free consultation about your D&N case.

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