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Child Dependency Attorney: A Dependency and Neglect petition can lead to your children being removed from your home and the termination of your parental rights. This can be the worst situation for your family. You need to get an attorney as soon as possible.

Attorney Iyer handles Dependency and Neglect cases and can give you expert advice and legal representation as you go through this devastating experience.

Dependency and Neglect proceedings can be very complicated. That’s why you need an experienced attorney to protect the needs of your children, as well as your parental rights. A brief explanation of Dependency and Neglect is useful, so you can understand what you are up against.

In Colorado, the child welfare laws require that police and other law enforcement officials as well as many different types of professionals, like teachers and child care workers, must report suspicions (however slight) of child abuse or child neglect.

The people in this position are called “mandatory reporters.” That means that if they fail to report suspicions of child abuse or neglect, they can be criminally prosecuted, fined, or jailed. They may also lose their jobs and professional licenses. So with the fear of these serious consequences and frequently lacking information, mandatory reporters can often be overzealous in their reporting.

After a report is filed with your county department of human services, they will investigate the allegations of child abuse or child neglect. After the investigation is complete, if they believe the allegations are true, the county department of human services will file a petition for Dependency and Neglect in juvenile district court, usually where your children live, or where the allegations of child abuse or neglect occurred.

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Mr. Iyer, I wanted to thank you for helping me protect my parental rights.  You believed in me when not many others did and fought hard to protect my rights.

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