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Child Neglect Attorney: If you have a Dependency and Neglect (D&N) petition filed against you because of Child Neglect, you will need a good Child Neglect Criminal Defense Attorney in Denver to protect your children and your parental rights. Attorney V Iyer has extensive experience in Child Neglect cases.

Child Neglect can include a lot of things. It’s generally used to mean child abuse that is NOT physical, sexual or emotional.

So what does Child Neglect mean?

Child Neglect is the failure or inability or unwillingness to satisfy a child’s basic needs such as:

  • Age appropriate nutritional food
  • Shelter (a clean and safe home)
  • Age and weather appropriate clothing
  • Age appropriate hygiene of the child
  • Medical needs of the child
  • Educational needs of the child

But what standards do they use to judge these basic needs?

Basic needs are determined by the local community standards for caring and raising a child.

Many cases of Child Neglect occur because despite the parents or care-providers truly caring about the child, they lack the ability or strength to adequately provide for the child’s needs because he or she:

  • Lacks the resources
  • Is handicapped by mental health problems
  • Suffers from drug abuse
  • Suffers from alcohol abuse
  • Child has developmental disabilities/developmental challenges
  • Some other problem.

Neglected children often do not receive adequate nourishment, or emotional and mental stimulation. As a result, their physical, social, emotional, and mental development is hindered. They may, for instance, be underweight, develop language skills less quickly than other children, and seem emotionally needy.

Physical Child Neglect is the failure or unwillingness or inability to provide adequate:

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Shelter
  • Supervision

Emotional Child Neglect is:

  • The failure to satisfy a child’s normal emotional needs
  • Behavior that damages a child’s normal emotional and psychological development (such as permitting drug or alcohol abuse or pornography in the home).

Medical Child Neglect is the failure to satisfy a child’s:

  • Normal medical needs
  • Other heath care needs.

Examples of medical Child Neglect include, not providing hearing aid devices to a child who is hearing impaired, or failing to provide eye glasses to child who has vision difficulties which could damages a child’s normal hearing or vision development.

Educational Child Neglect is the failure to satisfy a child’s normal:

  • Educational development needs.
  • Mental development needs.

An example of educational Child Neglect is excessive, unexcused, or unexplained tardiness or absences by a child at school. Another is persistent or chronic poor academic achievement by the child at school which is unexplained by any mental deficiencies.

Dependency and Neglect cases are complicated and heartbreaking for you. As a very successful Child Neglect Criminal Defense Attorney in Denver, V Iyer has the expertise and experience in Child Neglect cases. You need Attorney Iyer to fighting on your side, the sooner the better.

You can reach Attorney Iyer at (303) 337-0473 for a free consultation.

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