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Why does Drug Abuse lead to a Dependency and Neglect Court Action?

Dependency and Neglect Substance Abuse Related Issues:  If you have a petition for Dependency and Neglect filed against you because of Drug or other Substance Abuse, you need to get an attorney right away. This action can result in your children being placed into foster care and possibly your parental rights terminated. If your parental rights are terminated you will no longer legally be their parent.

Attorney V Iyer is a seasoned expert in Drug Abuse and Dependency and Neglect cases. You need the Iyer legal team behind you to help protect your children and your rights.

What is considered Drug Abuse by the Colorado courts and the Department of Human Services?

  • Any use of illegal drugs
  • Sometimes the use of marijuana with a medical marijuana permit
  • Using prescription drugs in excess of the prescribed dosage
  • Excessive alcohol consumption

When does the Department of Human Services intervene in a family that has a drug or alcohol abuse?

The Department will always intervene when there is any form of illegal drug use and it knows about such illegal drug use. Colorado law does not allow parents or caregivers to use or possess any illegal drugs, whether in the presence of children or not.

Any use or possession of illegal drugs is considered dangerous or harmful to the heath, welfare, or safety of children because there is some risk that children may have access to these illegal drugs which would be harmful to the children’s heath, welfare, or safety.

The use of illegal drugs and excessive alcohol use is considered harmful because of the unexpected or unpredictable effects it has on the mental and physical agility of the parents or caregivers.

Illegal drug or excessive alcohol use affects the judgment, mental processes, and reaction times of the parent or caregiver using drugs of alcohol. This dangerously affects the response of these parents or caregivers in any unexpected, harmful, dangerous, or emergency situation which is always a possibility with children.

In addition, the child suffers mental, emotional, and psychological harm in the form of insecurity, instability, disruption of continuity, and regularity in activities at home.

Substance Abuse is a major public health problem that affects millions of people. It places enormous financial and social burdens on society. It destroys families, damages the economy, victimizes communities, and places extraordinary burdens on the education, criminal justice, and social service systems.

To understand why Drug Abuse leads to a Dependency and Neglect court action it is important that Substance Abuse and the medical, social, and economic problems that are associated with the use and misuse of alcohol and other drugs, as well as addiction to these drugs, be clearly explained.

Substance Use, Abuse, and Addiction

The results of alcohol and other drug use varies with the each person’s level of use and the dysfunction they experience from it. This includes the following:

  • Drug experimentation
  • Social use of drugs
  • Binge drinking
  • Substance abuse
  • Addiction or Chemical Dependency

Why does Drug Abuse lead to Dependency and Neglect court action?

When people have children their primary responsibility is to ensure the health, education, safety, and welfare of the children.

Use of illegal drugs or excessive alcohol use around children can lead to the children getting access to and inadvertently consuming illegal drugs or alcohol, which is a huge safety and health issue for children.

This can lead to a Dependency and Neglect petition filed against you, which can ultimately lead to your children being removed from your home and placed into foster care and even can possibly result in the termination of your parental rights.

Dependency and Neglect cases are complicated and heartbreaking for you. Attorney V Iyer has the expertise and experience in Drug Abuse allegations in Dependency and Neglect cases. You need Attorney Iyer in your corner to fight for your family and your rights.

You can reach Attorney V Iyer at (303) 337-0473 for a free consultation.

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