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What is Domestic Violence? Why does Domestic Violence give rise to a Dependency and Neglect case?

Domestic Violence Dependency: Did you know that Domestic Violence can give rise to a Dependency and Neglect case being filed against you, and having your children taken away? Let’s take a look at how this can happen.

What is Domestic Violence in Colorado?

Domestic Violence is a very serious matter. In Colorado Domestic Violence has two components.

The first component is that the two parties must have had or have an intimate relationship. An intimate relationship is both sexual and emotional, or psychological between two persons of the opposite sex or the same sex. You can learn more about Domestic Violence defense here.

The second component of Domestic Violence is the behavior (physical, emotional, mental, or psychological) used by one person in a relationship to control, dictate, manipulate or subjugate the other person. Partners may be married or not married; heterosexual, gay, or lesbian; living together, separated or dating.

Domestic Violence can take many shapes and forms. It can happen repeatedly or only once in a while.

Some of the indicators of Domestic Violence include but are not limited to:

  • Name-calling or putdowns (mental or emotional or psychological dependency)
  • Mocking responses (mental or emotional or psychological dependency)
  • Questioning the intellect of the other person (mental or emotional or psychological dependency)
  • Constant corrections of the other person and at times the corrections conflict or diametrically conflict with prior corrections creating a sense of uncertainty or confusion (mental or emotional or psychological dependency)
  • Keeping a partner from contacting their family or friends or other persons (isolating the other person) (personal or social dependency)
  • Stopping a partner from getting or keeping a job (financial dependency)
  • Limiting the amount of money the other person has, or has access to, or can spend (financial dependency)
  • Limiting or making unavailable a vehicle for the other person (mobility dependency)
  • Actual or threatened physical harm (security dependency)
  • Sexual assault (personal or intimacy dependency)
  • Intimidation (security or personal or intimacy dependency)

For Domestic Violence to occur, the above indicators must be used for the purpose of controlling or manipulating the affected person to be solely dependent on the person committing these acts, or to dominate the other person so that they feel totally subjugated and under the control of the dominant partner.

How does Domestic Violence affect children?

Domestic Violence is the constant bickering, hostility, flashes of anger, yelling, or use of physical force on the person, property or pets of the person and causes a deep sense of insecurity, fear, and instability on the minds, health and emotions of children. This causes the home to be unsafe or injurious to the health or welfare of the children.

Children living in a home with Domestic Violence can become insecure and fearful. It can significantly impact the child’s mental development and growth which can have a negative impact of their normal physical, emotional, and psychological growth.

Domestic Violence is not healthy, normal behavior in any home or society. It signals to children that the use of physical, emotional, or psychological force is an acceptable method in resolving differences or as a method of communication. There is substantial danger that children exposed to Domestic Violence may repeat such behavior later in their life, and may either become domestic abusers themselves or accept domestic abuse from their partners.

To protect children from the devastating affects of Domestic Violence, your county Department of Human Services often gets involved in Domestic Violence cases, and may file a petition of Dependency and Neglect against a parent or care provider. This would be in addition to any criminal action that may arise from these acts of Domestic Violence.

As you’ve seen, Domestic Violence can give rise to a Dependency and Neglect case. These trials are complicated and the results potentially destructive to your family. Attorney V Iyer has the expertise and experience in Dependency and Neglect cases. Don’t mess around, you need Attorney Iyer to fight for your family, before it’s too late.

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