It is a vital part of our justice system that every accused person get a fair trial, but some topics are sensitive and have a strong emotional impact on the jury that can make that fair trial more difficult to achieve.  Cases of domestic
violence and abuse often elicit initial reactions from the jury that biases them against the defendant because of the high profile of intimate partner violence and its consequences.

That is why it is important to find domestic assault defense in Denver that is highly effective and can counteract people’s basic emotional reaction to the nature of the charges.  In Colorado, domestic violence is not a charge of it’s own, but is a sentence enhancer on other charges such as assault or harassment which adds additional consequences to your charges such as mandatory DV classes.
Iyer Law Office has handled many cases of domestic assault and abuse, and can help you build a defense that shows your side of the story, working against the cultural bias to prove your innocence.  Contact us immediately by phone or through our online form at our website as soon as  you are charged, so that we can begin building a defense to protect you.