Any assault charge is serious, and if it is a domestic violence charge, then there can be additional consequences that Iyer Law Office can help you with. The law in Colorado is complicated, and domestic violence is not a specific charge but a
label added to a charge such as assault or harassment when the victim and the defendant are, or have been, in an intimate relationship, and this label means not only do the penalties for the original charge apply, but that you will also be required to attend a 36 session domestic violence class as well as having not just assault but Domestic Violence on your criminal record, which can exclude you from some jobs.
That’s why it is important to get qualified, experienced domestic violence assault charge defense in Denver to help you face these charges and present your side of the situation fairly so that you get the trial you deserve.  Cases involving intimate partners are always complicated, and we will take the time to hear the details and build the most effective defense possible.  V. Iyer has helped many clients face these sorts of difficult and emotionally loaded charges, and he can help you too.