Denver Colorado April 1, 2011
Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer V. Iyer from Iyer Law Office earned his client a not guilty verdict on the charges of domestic violence and property destruction.

Attorney V Iyer used his excellent trial cross examination skills to prevent the prosecution from proving their case. The jury did not believe the chief prosecution witness (the wife of Mr. Iyer’s client) and also provided evidence that demonstrated the defendant could not have possibly committed the crime he was accused of because the manner and means of the destruction of property (domestic Violence) as was alleged by the victim was an impossibility.
Due to the amount of the evidence provided by Denver criminal lawyer V Iyer, the Denver Court jury returned a not guilty verdict on the charges of domestic violence destruction of property within 10 minutes.

About the Iyer Law Office Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys
Denver domestic violence defense attorney V. Iyer and his experienced and expert legal team work relentlessly and aggressively to provide clients with a winning legal defense. As a former prosecutor, Attorney Iyer has the knowledge, expertise and insight from both sides of the courtroom to protect your rights and innocence. He has successfully argued thousands of cases and has extensive trial experience.  To contact Mr. Iyer please call 720.262.8295 or visit him on the web at