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Domestic Violence AttorneyDomestic Violence Attorney: If you or someone you know been placed under arrest for Domestic Violence in Colorado, it is extremely important to retain an experienced, professional Denver Domestic Violence Attorney like V Iyer to defend against the charges as soon as possible. Charges may include the following:

  • Harassment
  • Assault in the 3rd degree
  • Criminal Mischief
  • Stalking
  • Restraining orders

Domestic Violence is not by itself a criminal charge. It is a label given to one of the charges listed above when there is or used to be, an intimate relationship between the people involved. In other words, a person can be charged with Third-Degree Assault, or they can be charged with Third-Degree Assault /Domestic Violence.

In order for the prosecutor to prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of a Domestic Violence or “DV” offense, they must establish that you are having, or have had, intimate relations with the “victim” in question.

If it is determined to be a Domestic Violence offense, this acts as a sentence enhancer, and will add additional terms to your probation such as 36 domestic violence classes (these are mandatory, and even the judge doesn’t have the power to waive them).

A conviction for a Domestic Violence offense can have far-reaching career implications, since several industries and professions will not hire those with a Domestic Violence conviction on their record.

Just saying the words “Domestic Violence” creates an emotional response of some kind in most people, and in most jurors.

Jurors watch the local and national news and hear horror stories of someone being killed by their spouse, and the phrase “Domestic Violence” is always included in the news story. However, those same jurors know that life is complex, and that it takes two people to create the situation that resulted in your criminal case.

At trial, your lawyer must be able to show the jury all of the facts. The facts that will help the jury understand your side.

Even when the alleged victim steps forward and admits that he or she wasn’t assaulted, he or she is then labeled a “recanting victim,” and the prosecuting attorney will still try to convict you.

The prosecutor may have a Domestic Violence “expert” testify at your trial and say that victim who now says it didn’t happen is lying, and that this is a predictable part of what they call “the cycle of violence.” The prosecutor will say that the reason the victim is now lying is to protect you, the accused, at trial.

And yet, in Attorney Iyer’s experience, there are more false accusations in Domestic Violence cases than there are in any type of case. In the heat of anger, frustration, jealousy, or revenge one spouse often realizes that there is power in picking up the telephone and calling 911. But later when emotions have cooled, the situation may appear quite differently.

Attorney Iyer, as a skilled criminal trial lawyer, will try to:

  • Dispel the bias that jurors may have when they first walk into the courtroom – convincing them to look fairly at all of the facts.
  • Reveal the motives of the false accuser to the jury, and the circumstances that created enough anger to lie in order to use the court system to gain personal control over the other.
  • Dispel the myth that only men commit acts of Domestic Violence.
  • Attack the faulty claim made by the “Domestic Violence Expert” that a victim that recants her story can’t be trusted because it’s all part of “the cycle of violence”.

If you find yourself facing a charge from a family situation, you need a Denver Domestic Violence attorney. Attorney Iyers will defend you using the knowledge and experience he has from working as a defense lawyer and a prosecutor for many years. He understands both sides and this works to your advantage.

You need Denver Domestic Violence Attorney Iyer to fight for you. Don’t wait. This is a serious charge and you will need a strong defense.

You can reach Attorney Iyer at (303) 337-0473 for a free consultation about your Domestic Violence case.

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