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Restraining Order Attorney: Restraining Orders or Protective Orders are issued to prevent one person from having any type of contact with another person. This can be for many reasons including the threat of domestic violence or the threat of damaging possessions.

If you have had an order filed against you, you need to get a Restraining Order Attorney in Denver right away. The scope of Restraining Orders are very wide and, in fact, subject to quite a bit of controversy.

Colorado Law disallows any form of direct, indirect, or even accidental communication emanating from the person against whom the Restraining Order has been filed. Thus, even if a man accidentally walks past his wife in the mall, and she has had a Restraining Order served against him, he is in violation of the law and faces criminal charges.

Restraining Orders are quite comprehensive and even extend to the social circle of the person who is seeking the order. If a wife has a Restraining Order served against her husband, he is prohibited from visiting places where she frequents. He is not allowed to have any contact with her pets or her property. The law recognizes that there are many forms of abuse, and not all of them are physical.

Temporary Restraining Order

A Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) is issued by a judge after a complaint has been filed in court. This is the first step to a Permanent Restraining Order (PRO). A TRO is not enforceable unless it has been personally served to the person against whom it has been ordered. This can be done by a process server or a sheriff. The date for the hearing for a Permanent Restraining Order will be mentioned on the TRO. On this date, the defendant can contest the order and give his or her reasons why the order must not be made permanent. If the plaintiff is not present, then the initial order is not valid.

Emergency Protection Order

Emergency Protection Orders (EPO) serve the same purpose as TROs except that they are issued when the courts are closed for regular business. A judge can issue the order by telephone on the verbal evidence of a peace officer who makes the case of the EPO. The EPO remains in effect only up to the point of the closing hours of the next working day of the court.

The EPO will be written and signed by the officer who has made the request and it shall be served on the defendant. However, the law states that even the knowledge of such an EPO possessed by the defendant means that the order is in force and any violation of the order is a crime.

If a Restraining Order or Protective Order has been filed against you, you will need Restraining Order Attorney in Denver V Iyer. He can protect your interests and make sure your side is presented.

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