A domestic violence charge is a powerful blow to your life and your relationship. Sometimes you end up with a domestic violence charge because people misunderstand a family situation and sometimes they may be just vindictive. If this has happened to you, you need Attorney V Iyer.

Most people don’t understand that domestic violence is not a crime in and of itself, but instead it is a classification or label that is attached to any underlying crime when there is or used to be an intimate relationship between the people involved. If you have domestic violence charges in Denver, you need Defense Attorney V Iyer with the Iyer Law Office to defend you and protect your rights. If for example, a neighbor thinks they hear or witness the sounds of a domestic scuffle and contact the police. When the police arrive at your residence there is a bruise or mark on your spouse’s face, and the police are told that you slapped and shoved your spouse. It is also alleged that these events occurred within view of your children. Based on these facts, the police will most likely charge you with third degree assault for the slap, harassment for the shove, and child abuse because your child was present for the incident. These three offenses are the underlying offenses to which the label of domestic violence will attach.

The child abuse charge may stop you from seeing your children. If you are charged with domestic violence charges in Denver and a child abuse charge, you will need an experienced domestic violence attorney to defend you. Not all domestic violence cases are the same, and while some people may be prohibited from seeing their children it doesn’t mean that you will be prohibited from seeing your kids. Mr. Iyer will do everything possible to keep your family together. Generally what happens is that after some time has passed, you will be given visitation rights and gradually earn more time with your kids. However, there are some extreme cases in which a judge may not allow a parent to contact their children again. This can be heartbreaking.

Attorney Iyer can defend your rights if a child abuse charge is involved,  and fight to keep your family together. Contact Attorney Iyer for a free consultation about your case and get the expertise your need for your defense. If you’ve been accused of domestic violence attached to a crime of child abuse, you need the legal support of V Iyer. He understands domestic violence charges in Denver. He can help you. Contact his office as soon as possible.