Domestic violence is emotionally charged words. By just saying “domestic violence” it creates a negative emotional response of some kind in most people, and in most jurors. V Iyer, a domestic violence defense lawyer from the Iyer Law Office, knows that and knows how to position your case to the best advantage.

He knows jurors watch the local and national news and hear horror stories of someone being killed by their spouse, and the phrase “domestic violence” is always included in the news story. However, Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer Iyer also knows those same jurors understand that life is complex and that it takes two people to create the situation that resulted in a criminal case.

At trial, Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer Iyer will be able to show the jury all of the facts, not just what the police said. The facts that will help the jury understand your side. Even when the alleged victim steps forward and admits that he or she wasn’t assaulted, he or she is then labeled a “recanting victim,” and the prosecuting attorney will still try to convict you.

The prosecutor may say that the reason the victim is now lying is to protect you, the accused, at trial.The prosecutor may have a “domestic violence expert” testify at your trial and say that victim who now says it didn’t happen, is lying and that this is a predictable part of what they call “the cycle of violence.”

And yet, in Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer Iyer’s experience, there are more false accusations in domestic violence cases than there are in any type of case. In the heat of anger, frustration, jealousy, or revenge one spouse often realizes that there is power in picking up the telephone and calling 911. But later when their emotions have cooled down, the situation is quite different. Lies are hard to undo.

You need an attorney who knows the law and how to expertly present your defense. V Iyer has the experience and expertise to help you through this devastating legal charge. It is important when facing such an emotionally charged trial, that you have the best legal representation.  Contact his office for a free consultation about your case. You shouldn’t have to go this alone.