When you need a lawyer to handle your defense for driving over the limit, Iyer Law Office in Denver should be your very first phone call.   We can help ease your mind and lessen or even overturn your charges, and the sooner we can start the better our chances are of a successful result in your case.   Building a driving over the limit defense is often complicated, and is best handled by working closely with the individual client in order to personally tailor a strategy that takes every relevant detail into consideration to best protect your rights.

Without a strong, well crafted defense, driving over the limit in Denver can carry serious jail time, heavy fines and loss of your license, but with a good enough lawyer on your side you can often avoid the worst of those consequences and start moving on from this incident, even if we can not get a totally positive outcome.
 Iyer Law Office has helped many people when they need powerful driving over the limit defense in Denver, and we’d love to put our experience and knowledge to work to do the same for you when you are facing these types of serious, life altering charges.