The best way to avoid serious legal consequences due to driving while intoxicated is, of course, to call a cab or designate a sober driver.  If it is too late for that and the mistake has been made, the next best way is to promptly call Iyer Law Office for the most experienced and qualified Driving While Intoxicated defense in Denver or the surrounding area.   Whether it is your first offense or this is a situation you have been in before, we are your best chance at compiling a strategy to minimize the long term legal consequences,  as we will take the time to find out everything we can about your case and then apply our extensive knowledge and experience to building a driving while intoxicated defense that will show your side of the situation to the courts in order to lower your sentence or even have your charges dropped entirely.

Everyone may know better than to drive when they have been drinking, but nonetheless many people are charged with driving while intoxicated in Denver and need a good defense, and at Iyer Law Office we are prepared to help any and all of them to minimize their charges and move on.