A drunk driving charge can ruin your life.  Fines, losing your license, a criminal record, even prison time.  Obviously, no one should ever drive drunk and we try to take precautions to avoid it, but if it happens,  and you or someone you know are looking at a drunk driving charge in Englewood, you need to get an experienced lawyer like V. Iyer of Iyer Law Office on your side as soon as you can.  With a good lawyer, you can prove that your drunk driving charge is a mistake, if that is the case, and have a much better chance of mitigating the long term consequences if you are guilty of the charges.

We can often find some way to work with the court to find alternatives for prosecution, or to work things down to a lesser charge when it is possible, and that can make a huge impact on the overall effect your drunk driving charge has on your life.  Call our office right away if you are facing drunk driving charges in Englewood, and let us work with you to help you avoid jail time and a criminal record by constructing a strong defense against the allegations against you.