Being arrested for drunk driving can change your life, even if you haven’t been in an accident.   The legal consequences can include loss of driving privileges, expensive fines and even imprisonment.  The best thing to do if you or someone in your life has been arrested is to find a highly qualified drunk driving defense attorney in Denver as soon as you can, and Iyer Law Office is always there to help.  We have lots of experience handling drunk driving defense in Denver, and V. Iyer is tireless in his determination to build a strong effective defense strategy for every client.  Before applying his skills to defense,   V. Iyer practiced as assistant DA, which has provided him with a comprehensive understanding of how the prosecution handles all sorts of cases, giving him unique perspective as a drunk driving defense attorney as well as when handling any other defense cases.

It is important not to wait long after your arrest to call for a drunk driving defense attorney,  because it helps a lot if we can start building your defense as soon as the police start building their case against you, so remember to call Iyer Law Office quickly after your arrest.